4 Scrumptious Deep-Fried Puffs in Hanoi You Wouldn’t Want to Miss!

A whole chicken wrapped in sticky rice then deep fried

Being the long-founded capital of Vietnam, Hanoi never fails to fulfill your wish of finding the best Vietnam food to try. However, these are some specific types of snacks that Hanoians know the best. Today, we are walking you through the capital’s 4 most favored deep-fried hollow dishes for your upcoming holiday to Northern Vietnam.


Deep fried hollow snacks (Source: Google)

Xôi chiên phồng – Fried sticky rice ball

Fried sticky rice balls, or “Xôi chiên phồng” in Vietnamese, is indeed a popular cuisine created by the Mekong Delta citizens yet soon won the hearts of many diners from the capital of Vietnam. The main ingredient used for such a dish is green beans and sticky rice which are all well cooked and smashed. Afterward, the chefs are supposed to cleverly squeeze, spin and shape the mixture in boiled oil until the entire piece fully swells out and becomes an eye-catching rice ball.

balls of deep-fried sticky rice

Balls of deep-fried sticky rice (Source: Google)

This edible ball then gives out an attractive look with a think outer skin yet crunchy and chewy at the same time. The most common food eaten along with this interesting rice-made dish can be counted as shrimp paste, grilled chicken, roasted bird and so on. One last thing to be noted is that if you ever order such a savory cuisine on your next favorite culinary tour, remember to eat along with pickled veggies for the best balance in taste. Fried sticky rice balls are usually served in famous Hanoi Vietnam food lounges such as Lẩu Riêu Quán Phố at 32A Hòe Nhai, Kiến Restaurant at 100 Tuệ Tĩnh or Món Ngon Sài Thành.

A whole chicken wrapped in sticky rice then deep fried

A whole chicken wrapped in sticky rice then deep fried (Source: Google)

Phở chiên phồng – Deep fried Phở

Many tourists aspire to taste the most authentic Phở in their next journey to Vietnam. However, there is more to Phở than you think there is! Deep-fried Phở, or “Phở chiên phồng”, or ‘Deep-fried Pillow cakes’, is what you should note down right away. This brilliant dish comes in a fullest appearance with cubes of deep-fried Phở placed on a porcelain plate, and then topped with savory sauce, beef, and sliced greens. 


Phở chiên phồng (Source: Google)

Is there anything nicer than taking a good bite of that crunchy aromatic chewy piece of Phở that blends just greatly with the salty-sweet beef sauce? If you happen to ask any Hanoians which place to go for the best Phở chiên phồng, then the name Ngũ Xá must be brought to the talk. However, in order to reach the best bistro in town as well as to get a full instruction on how to eat it in the best way, bring your local friend along or sign up for a customized food tour!

an up close look of veggies served along side

An up-close look (Source: Google)

Bánh tiêu – Vietnamese hollow donuts

To many of us, there always exists a sentimental homesickness of an old Hanoi when the seasons change and the little bikes carrying a glass cabinet filled with heated snacks inside. Amongst those, hollow donuts seem to be the tastiest one redolent of toasted sesame.


Vietnamese hollow donuts (Source: Google)

Some say Vietnamese hollow donuts were initially not created by the citizens of the capital, but were actually made in Saigon and quickly brought to the Northern lands. Regardless of its origin, the finest sweetness and rustic flavor can still make any Hanoians want to hold one in their hands when the first wintry breezes chill the air. Sometimes, it can be hard for some foreign friends visiting Hanoi for the very first time to spot out the exact location where hollow donuts are sold. Thus, don’t hesitate to find for yourself some native besties for a deeper insight.

Quẩy nóng – Fried hollow Chinese bread sticks

In Hanoi, “Quẩy”, or “fried hollow Chinese bread sticks” can be eaten at any time of the year, either as a newly fried stick spread with a sweet-sour sauce or dined along with a hot bowl of porridge, Phở or any other types of soup.

Even though several decades have gone by, the city has witnessed massive price scaled up, yet an amount of money tossed for this crispy snack seems to remain the same. Frankly speaking, there is nothing better than holding a pair of freshly fried hollow bread sticks in the hands in the middle of an Autumn afternoon walking down the street of Hanoi in the falling red leaves.


Fried hollow Chinese bread sticks (Source: Google)

Quẩy is mostly served at the corners of the streets in town along with Vietnamese donut balls and some of the other fried snacks. The alleys of 23 Lò Đúc, 73 Hàng Bông, and 48 Hàng Điếu are usually found serving such takeaway cuisine.

We are sure you will not want to miss any of these Hanoi Vietnam food. Remember to have them as much as you can, or else you may hardly ever find even one when getting back home.

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