Five Must-Try Exotic Food in Tiền Giang, the Mekong Delta


When the topic of a Mekong Delta tour is brought into discussion, the name Tiền Giang is usually one of the most talked-about destinations. In this city, there exists a long list of authentic South Vietnam food that you, as a traveler, do not want to miss. Scroll down to unlock our archive.


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1. Mỹ Tho rice noodle soup – Hủ tiếu Mỹ Tho

For our Mekong dwellers, the very first name when it comes to Tiền Giang local gastronomy must be its iconic rice noodle soup, one of the three biggest brands besides Sadec and Phnom Penh (Nam Vang). The key secret behind a tasty bowl of Mỹ Tho noodle soup comes from the glutinous and fragrant Gò Cát rice grains, which give out the slender and chewy noodle strands.


A huge pork bone (Source: Google)

In Tiền Giang, this cuisine usually consists of shrimp, squid, pork liver, heart, wonton, pork ribs and a lot more. Fresh veggies topped can be picked as lettuce, scallion, cilantro and so on. The real definition of a savory Mỹ Tho rice noodle soup must be simmered out of pork bones, dried squid, grilled squid, and a little add-in of sweet radish.


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2. Grilled pork pie – Chả nướng

Grilled pork pie in Gạo Market is the very next big thing that leaves a long-lasting memory for the locals themselves. Such a spectacular dish shows up when there is a death anniversary or the Lunar New Year coming up. The main elements inside can be counted as pork shoulder, shallot, eggs, rice paper, banana leaf and many more types of fresh veggies. Boiled pork is then small sliced and hence mixed with eggs, diced garlic, pepper and fish sauce.


Fresh veggies in a local market (Source: Google)

Tiền Giang native chefs process their special cuisine with a cast-iron cooker in order to give out an evenly well-cooked pie all inside out. Especially, a banana leaf must be lined at the bottom, which makes it way easier to take each pie out.

Other than that, the use of banana leaf would be expected to bring in a better aromatic smell. The best way to grill pork pie is over a charcoal fire, which is then wrapped along with rice paper, fresh herbs and sour sweet fish sauce. When in Tiền Giang, never forget this authentic South Vietnam food by paying a visit to Gạo Market.

3. Lò Rèn star apple – Vú sữa Lò Rèn

When talking about the Mekong Delta, the image of vast shady gardens and orchards always comes to mind first. One of the most sought-after species is star apple, an exotic food of Lò Rèn Town, Tiền Giang Province.

star apples - the Pride-of-Tiền-Giang

Lo Ren Star Apples – The pride of Tiền Giang (Source: Google)

Even though Tiền Giang is not the only locality star apples can be found, the fruit grown in the city is the one to deliver a rare juiciness released from the eye-catching stunning color, tender sweetness, and a pure aroma. The outer skin gives out a glossy and round look.

Glossy star apples

Glossy star apples (Source: Google)

The star apple season in Tiền Giang starts from Lunar September to April next year. Nowadays, the icon “Lò Rèn star apples” is always seen as a big thing and favored in the rest of the country.

the inside of a star apple

On the inside (Source: Google)

It is not an issue to purchase numerous kilograms of Tiền Giang star apples in the city itself without having to spend too much when you are about to visit Tiền Giang during the moment star apples blossom. Various baskets offering such juicy fruits can be seen pretty much anywhere in the locality.

4. Ground banana with sliced coconut meat – Chuối quết dừa

Let’s move on to another unique dessert. Ground banana with sliced coconut meat is an exceptional dessert and snack taking root in Tiền Giang. What you should expect when enjoying such food is a lovely fusion of something rustic, sweet, fragrant blended with the savory sourness of lime juice, fish sauce, garlic, coconut milk, and pequin chili.


Unique dessert (Source: Google)

The procedure making this distinctive gastronomy starts with the boiling of the banana until golden and aromatic, which is then fused with sliced coconut meat. All of them are hence ground with salt and sugar.


The making (Source: Google)

Tiền Giang horseshoe crab – Sam biển Tiền Giang

The period between Lunar October and next February welcomes the blossoming season of horseshoe crabs in Gò Công Beach, Tiền Giang. The female species, during this nesting time, carry a generous amount of eggs, which can be turned into an incredible gastronomic treat. Horseshoe crab eggs are greasy, aromatic, nutritious and stunningly golden. Regularly, the eggs are long grilled atop charcoal fire until a brilliant smell is fast released.


Gò Công horseshoe crab (Source: Google)

Grilled horseshoe crabs are dined along with sour pomelo, pickled carrot, fresh herbs, roasted peanuts, fried green onion and dipped inside a bowl of fish sauce mixed with lime juice, garlic, and pepper. Other than that, you can choose to have it processed as a kind of sour soup cooked with veggies.

Unraveling this list of unique South Vietnam food has never been easier with our local recommendations above. Make sure you will not miss any of these when Tiền Giang is your next destination.

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