Head to These 4 Spots to Hunt for the Freshest Seafood in Saigon


Saigon is definitely not a solely coastal city in Vietnam, yet it does not mean the freshest seafood cannot be found across the city. If a customized Saigon food tour featuring seafood as the biggest part, then do not skip these four suggestions below for the best instruction from our locals.


A lobster tank (Source: Google)

Hàng Dương Seafood Market

The very first name that pops up in my head is Cần Giờ District, a coastal town on the outskirts of Saigon, which takes you only over an hour on a scooter conquering a road of 50-kilometer away from Downtown Saigon. This ideal destination allows you to make a quick escape with your bestie on a two-wheel vehicle as a short day trip. Cần Giờ is home to the reputed Hàng Dương market, a local seafood kingdom almost every native in Saigon the wanderlust community is aware of. Hàng Dương is where you get to taste the freshest seafood newly caught from the nearby ocean.


Freshly-caught seafood (Source: Google)

Coming over Hàng Dương Seafood Market during weekends, you should expect to be welcomed by a huge seafood heaven filled with many species of shellfish, snails, saltwater crabs, squid, shrimp and a lot more. Can you think of anything better than sitting on the vast sand dune enjoying a generous meal of self-cooked seafood? One thing to be noted down is that you only need to be accompanied by a local bestie just in case a random need of bargaining would be aroused sometimes.


Even ready-made dishes as well (Source: Google)

Bình Điền wholesale market

The second market to be recalled in this ultimate guideline of Saigon food tour is the off-beat Bình Điền Wholesales Market. Bình Điền is widely known to be ranked on top of Vietnam’s largest wholesale market list. Hence, get ready to be awe-inspired when visiting this spectacular site. Bình Điền witnesses tons of agricultural and seafood products imported and exported in and out each day. Yet, one interesting thing is that not every single Saigon dweller has a chance to drop by this amazing and hectic site. Hence, there is nothing better than paying a visit to this lesser-known market that almost no other foreign tourists are spotted out but you.


Inside Bình Điền market (Source: Google)

The best time to arrive at Bình Điền is within the very first hours of the morning when the whole market lives its best hectic vibe. Get ready to dive right into the most crowded groups of buyers and sellers picking their favorite freshest seafood. After selecting what you look for, preparing a self-made meal with your group of friends or family is one of the best memories to keep when in Saigon.


Busy sellers (Source: Google)

Sidewalk street seafood stalls

Our third alternative to be listed today belongs to the best authentic and local bistros you have ever seen in Saigon. At these sidewalk seafood vendors where small tables and chairs are placed down the side of alleys or pavements, snails are the most popular dishes to be seen.


A street food bistro (Source: Google)

However, it is not hard to order some of the other delish seafood ready cooked and served on your small tables. Squid, octopus, crab, shrimp are the second most common. You can choose to have them steamed with lemongrass, roasted with salt, stir-fried with garlic, butter, tamarind or grilled with green onion oil. We ensure that most of the dishes here leave you the best first impression that you cannot forget till the rest of your life.


Deliciousness (Source: Google)

What we recommend you to come over in Saigon hunting down these street food sites include Ốc Thảo at 229-231 Hoàng Diệu Street, District 4, Ốc Đào at the back of Alley 212B Nguyễn Trãi Street, District 1, Ốc Khánh at 531 Điện Biên Phủ Street, Bình Thạnh District and the list goes on.

Popular seafood restaurants

The last destination to be listed is definitely not something else but the most prestigious seafood restaurants. One big bonus for this type of dining venue is its huge franchise and branches found across the city, which makes it super easy and convenient for you to find the closest one you can reach. How to recognize which would be the right place you are looking for is a collection of huge seafood tanks vividly placed at the entrance of the restaurants. What you only need to do is either to have yourself an ordered A La Carte from the available menus or to pick the one you like and have them cooked in any way you want right from the tanks.


Rạn Biển restaurant (Source: Google)

Apart from the most familiar domestic seafood species, some of these big names also offer imported foreign types. What local Saigonese would advise you to reach are the branches of Rạn Biển, Giang Ghẹ, Ngọc Sương restaurants for the best services.


Lobster in a tank (Source: Google)

Bookmark this site right away and freely customize your own tailor-made Saigon food tour for a chance to consume the freshest seafood in town.

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