6 Vietnamese Drinks That You Can’t Get Enough Of

sugarcane juice

While cuisine in Vietnam is famous all around the world, a limited number of travelers have an idea of what to sip in this country. Your visit to the S-shaped nation actually won’t be complete without savoring Vietnamese drinks. It’s as diverse and yummy as the cuisine.

What’s So Special about Drinks in Vietnam?

Many reasons make drinks in this country notable and irresistible…

When enjoying each drink in Vietnam, you do not just appreciate its flavor, but also experience the influences of Chinese and French culinary concepts. The Chinese had a considerable contribution to the ideas of Vietnamese food and drinks as medicine. Meanwhile, the French made coffee available in Vietnam for the first time in the 1800s.

Also, if you have traveled in Vietnam or done some research into this country, you may know that it’s humid and hot. That’s partly why many drinks here get the most out of fresh herbs, rice, and tropical fruit. Their effects are cooling and unwinding.

Vietnamese Drinks: Fresh, Exotic and Inviting

1. Sugarcane Juice (Nước Mía)

sugarcane juice

Can you resist its attraction? (Source: Google)

Are you hesitating to try it as this drink may be sickly sweet? It doesn’t taste and feel like that, indeed. Sugarcane juice is considered one of the most fantastic cooling summer drinks.

You can find many street vendors sell them, especially in summer. They squeeze the juice from sugarcane sticks using squashing power machines. You can mix it with the juice from calamansi that is a small sour citrus fruit. The flavor of your finished product is crisp grassy, which will surely refresh you on these sweltering hot days.

2. Fruit mix (Chè)

mixed fruit

How delicious they are! (Source: Google)

As a sweet beverage, “Chè” typically contains beans, seeds, glutinous rice, fruits,  coconut milk, jelly, etc.

There’s a variety of fruit mix. It also comes with plentiful combinations. For instance, there are green jelly and beans in Three Colored Dessert (Chè ba màu). People make Sweet Corn Pudding (Chè bắp) with glutinous rice and sweet corn. You should try them. Still, beware that they could be addictive.

3. Coffee (Cà Phê)

coffee-is-one-of-must-try-vietnam drinks

Coffee is one of must-try drinks in Vietnam (Source: Google)

Vietnam is known as the largest producer of Robusta coffee in the world. What’s unique is, Vietnamese people know how to get the most out of their local produces. They often roast the coffee beans with fish sauce and butter for the final brew to have chocolate notes.

You can see the locals use a metal drip filter to prepare their coffee, and serve it over ice or as hot.

4. Fresh Coconut Water (Nước Dừa)

coconut water an-amazing-cooling-drink

An amazing cooling drink (Source: Google)

Coconut water has been a favorite Vietnamese drink for ages. You can effortlessly find it on the streets.

The vendors serve this water straight from a coconut. They will chop the fruit as soon as you order it. Specifically, they keep the inner shell that is white after chopping off the green outside. Don’t worry about whether it will fall over when placed on a flat surface. The seller will cut it into the proper shape for your most convenient use.

Try coconut water on summer days, and you will be immediately head over heels with this simple but addictive drink.

5. Herbal Tea (Nước Sâm)

ginseng tea have-you-tried-this-drink

Have you tried this drink? (Source: Google)

The tea is nutty and sweet. People often serve it over ice, making it ideal for savoring in the noise and chaos of a wet market on steamy days in Vietnam.

There are cooling properties in this drink as a result of the adaptation of Chinese medicine. The most basic one includes nettle leaves, sugar cane, corn silk, and grassroots. It also has variations – for example, cilantro, dried longan, and water chestnuts that are roasted.

6. Sticky Rice Wine (Rượu Nếp Cẩm)

violet sticky rice wine

Must-haves for wine fans (Source: Google)

People use sticky rice to make this original wine. The rice is specially fermented with yeast. It’s sweeter and smoother than others from regular rice.

There is up to 29.5% alcohol in the wine. When you try it out, you can ask for snacks – for instance, seafood and barbequed meat. They will bring your drink experience to perfection.

You can find the best sticky rice wine in the North of Vietnam. Hanoi, the capital, is enormously loved for this drink.

Whoever you are and whatever style of travel you have, we believe that Vietnamese drinks will satisfy you to the fullest. Refer to the best options mentioned above to make the most of your trip to this beautiful country. Also, don’t hesitate to let us know your favorite drink here and your once-in-a-lifetime experience with it.

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