Vietnamese Thorn Leaf Cakes

(Bánh Gai) - One of popular Vietnam streets food is Thorn Leaf Cakes. It is also one of cakes you should not miss when you have a chance to visit my beautiful country, especially Nam Dinh province.
Vietnam Food - Vietnamese Dessert Recipes


- Gai leaves (thorn leaves): 500gr
- Sticky rice flour: 500gr
- Manioc flour: 100gr
- Mung bean (green bean) which no cover: 300gr
- White sugar: 300gr
- Dired meat coconut (slice small and long): 150gr
- White sesame: 30gr
- Pork grease: 100gr
- Oil + Pomelo Flower Essential Oil (Optional)
- Fresh banana leaves, cut off the stalk and dry in the sun until it is brown. Cut 20x30cm


Making crust cake

- Choose the Gai fresh leaves and then cut them into pieces. Next boil them into the pot before crushing them. We will collect the soft tiny flour after crushing them. Here is the important step to start creating one of stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes for your family.
Vietnam Food - Vietnamese Dessert Recipes

Vietnam Food - Vietnamese Dessert Recipes
- Mixing the glutinous flour and tapioca and then combine them with the Gai flour. Next, boil 150gr sugar with ¼ litters of water and then adding it into the mix above. Then, you divide them into 10 parts. Finally, you roast the white sesame.

 Cake filling

- Mashing the green bean in water for 2 hours and then crush them. Boiled the lard and then slice it into small pieces and then pour some sugar water into it. Drying them for a while and then collect the dried lard. 
Vietnam Food - Vietnamese Dessert Recipes

Vietnam Food - Vietnamese Dessert Recipes
- Next, you boil the dried coconut in hot water for a second. Next, mix the green bean, lard, dried coconut and the maintaining sugar. Finally, divide it into 10 parts. 

Packing and steamed cake

Vietnam Food - Vietnamese Dessert Recipes
- Cleaning the banana leaves firstly. Press the crust cake and then put the cake filling inside it. After that, put the mix onto the banana leaves and then packing it. Remember, adding some oil onto the leaves before packing due to it makes the packing process easier. Finally, you steam the cake in the hot water for 30-40minutes. After that, put them outside for drying.
Vietnam Food - Vietnamese Dessert Recipes
- Thorn Leaf Cakes (Bánh Gai) is one of traditional specific flavor from our beautiful country. If you love Vietnam, you should not miss it.
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