Che Thung

Che Thung is one of  Vietnamese dessert recipes with a coconut milk soup base and square pieces of taro, cassava and sweet potato, a kind of long sweet potato with red skin and yellow flesh.

The dish commonly includes pieces of tapioca, and the dish is typically eaten warm, but can also be eaten cold.
Che Thung

- Taro: 1 kg
- Sweet potatoes: 1 kg
- Cassava (tapioca): 1 kg
- Coconut grated: 1 kg
- Powder: 150g
- Sugar white sand: 1 kg
- Pineapple cucumber water: 1 tablespoon soy sauce, chopped
- Vanilla: 1 tube.

Che Thung
- Sweet potatoes: peeled, washed, cut edges 2 cm square pieces

-  Cassava (tapioca): peeled, finely ground, stuffed first with cold water, then squeeze dry.

- Flour power: stuffed with boiled water into a plastic block. Laminates 0.3 cm, cut into small pieces 2 x 3 cm.

- Coconut just finished scraping: Squeeze taken 1 bowl (bowl) small juice or if coconut slightly dries (due to long), can be minced and then squeeze the juice. Then, take 2 liters water on coconut juice for the second time, filtered carefully.

Che Thung
- Boil the taro boiled, take out, and drain.

- Stuffed cassava (tapioca), cells with cucumber pineapple, 2 cm diameter balls.

- Taro to sweet potatoes, cassava coconut 2 liters of water creep sugar 1 tablespoon salt is based on
- Pot, bring to boil. Water is about to boil, to simmer, and remove the foam.

- The potatoes are cooked, soft to fish leaves pineapple, flour into the fibers. When flour floating up to

- Coconut milk, pour slightly, stir well. Sweet soup is boiling, turn off the heat. Add the vanilla.

In addition, Che Ba Ba (Che Thung) which is one of popular Vietnamese Dessert recipes, is absolutely delicious with who like sweet dishes, the fat of coconut mingles with the smell of green beans, fleshy sweet potatoes, cassava and lotus seeds, the faint smell of sticky leaves.

This is one of delicious dessert we suggest you should eat when you come to Vietnam.
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