Avocado Jelly Dessert (Thach Bo)

(Thạch Bơ) - Avocado Jelly is quite strange to some of you, but trust me, it is really interesting. Especially, this dessert is really good for your kids.


- 3 – 4 avocado fruits
- Fresh milk: 100ml 
- Condensed milk: 3 tablespoons
- Jelly powder: 15g
- White sugar: 60g
- Cold water: 600ml
 1 vanilla strach pill
Optional: You can extra use with jackfruit, coconut milk, grinded ice.


- Cut avocado in half, take out their seeds. Use spoon to scoop their meat and put into grind machine. Add more fresh milk, condensed milk and grind milk.
Avocado Jelly Dessert (Thach Bo)
- Mix jelly powder with sugar, 600ml cold water into small pot. Use spoon to stir gently, wait for 15 minutes and cook with small heat until jelly powder and sugar are melted all. Turn off the heat, add more vanilla, reduce the heat.
Avocado Jelly Dessert (Thach Bo)
- Pour avocado mixture in step 1 into jelly mixture in step 2, use spoon to stir well. If it is not still smooth, you can pour into grind machine and grind again.
Avocado Jelly Dessert (Thach Bo)
- Pour mixture in step 3 into patterns, wait until it is no hot anymore, put in fridge. Here is the final basic step to make one of interesting Vietnamese Dessert Recipes.
- Finally, you can enjoy it. You can only eat it or slice it and add more sliced jackfruit, coconut milk, condensed milk, grinded ice.
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