Banana with Rum Wine (Chuoi nau ruou Rum)

Today, I would like to introduce Banana with Rum Wine (Chuối Nấu Rượu Rum) to you guys.
The flavor of butter and rum wine are combined with banana will create a fantastic flavor in your mouth when chewing. Moreover, it is really suitable for who wants to increase weight.

Banana with Rum Wine (Chuối Nấu Rượu Rum)


- Bananas: 3 – 4
- White sugar: 1 tablespoon
- Butter: 40g
- Rum wine (Bacardi rum or Jamaica rum)
- Roasted almond or peanuts


- Peel off the cover of banana. Cut in half if banana is big.

Banana with Rum Wine (Chuối Nấu Rượu Rum)
- Heat butter and sugar until they melt. Stir gently with small heat.

 Banana with Rum Wine (Chuối Nấu Rượu Rum)
- Add more bananas into pan, change 2 faces to make sure it will absorb all this mixture.

 Banana with Rum Wine (Chuối Nấu Rượu Rum)
- When the mixture of butter and sugar want to be thick, set up to large heat, lean gently the pan and add more rum wine. The fire will blow up on face of pan and help banana color turn yellow. Turn off the heat and add more roasted peanut or almond on top.

- Add more ice-cream and waffle if you love them.
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