Boiled Cassavas with Coconut Milk

In Vietnam, Boiled Cassavas with Coconut Milk ( khoai mì luộc nước cốt dừa ) is very popular, because you can be easy to find it around Vietnam.
Boiled Cassavas with Coconut Milk


- Cassava: 1.5 kg
- Grated dry coconut: 500 gr
- Pandan: 100 gr
- Salt: 1 tablespoon
- Sesame: 1/2 cup
- Sugar: 2 tablespoons



Boiled Cassavas with Coconut Milk
- Cassava, buys sweet and soft cassava.
- Peel cassava and then soaked in water 1-2 hours, take out and rinse water.
- Put a cup of warm water in the grated coconut, stuffed squeeze a cup of coconut
- Arrange pandan leaves at the bottom of the pot and then put the cassavas on.

Boil cassava

Boiled Cassavas with Coconut Milk
- Add one liter of water to warm and squeezed coconut milk into the cassava pot, so that the coconut milk cover the surface of cassavas.

- Put pot of cassavas on the stove, cook over medium heat, and add a pinch of salt. When boiled cassava, you don’t need to cover.

- Boil until the water dried, cassava cooked, add a cup of coconut milk on it, and pour around the pot. Cook for a few minutes to coconut milk absorbs cassavas.

- Cassavas cooked, sprinkle sesame salt on the plate of cassavas.

* Make Sesame Salt

- 1 teaspoon salt + 1/2 cup sesame + 2 tablespoons sugar

- Roasted sesame and sesame salt until fragrant and cooked, then turn off the stove. Wait salt sesame cooled and mixed sugar into.
Boiled Cassavas with Coconut Milk
Finally, you lay boiled cassavas on plate. Sprinkle sesame salt and some grated coconut on the surface of cassavas.

Boiled Cassavas with Coconut Milk
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