Cookies Recipe (Banh Quy)

From many interesting Vietnamese Dessert Recipes, today I would like to introduce Cookies (Bánh Quy) to all you guys who love this cake.
Cookies Recipe (Banh Quy)


- Butter (no salt): 110g
- Icing sugar: 150g
- Chicken egg: 1
- Whole wheat flour (all purpose flour): 300
- Salt: ½ teaspoon
- Cacao powder: 1 teaspoon
- Vanilla starch: 5g
- Chocolate to decorate: 100g dark chocolate,
- Whipping cream: 50ml
- Olive oil: 1 teaspoon


- Put butter on bowl, wait to melt and add more icing sugar.
Cookies Recipe (Banh Quy)
- Use mixer to mix butter with icing sugar until it turns white mixture.
Cookies Recipe (Banh Quy)
- Continue adding more chicken egg into mixture and mix more 5 minutes.
Cookies Recipe (Banh Quy)
- Then, add more whole wheat flour, salt, vanilla starch into mixture in step 3; use spoon to mix well. Test by using your hand to press gently on top of flour, if it is not stick, it is perfect. Here is also the important step to create one of fantastic Vietnamese Dessert Recipes.
Cookies Recipe (Banh Quy)
- Separate mixture in step 4 into equal parts. One mixes with cacao powder and one keeps the natural color. Use nylon bag to cover carefully these parts and put in fridge in 30 minutes.
Cookies Recipe (Banh Quy)
- After that, before pressing flour, sprinkle a little whole wheat flour on table. Roll thinly cacao part and use circle pattern to press and create many circle shapes. Brush a little melted butter on grilling tray and put all cakes on.
Cookies Recipe (Banh Quy)
- Continue the same process in step 6 with white flour but with smaller circle shapes.
Cookies Recipe (Banh Quy)
- Put the white parts on top of cacao ones.
Cookies Recipe (Banh Quy)
- Use the left white part and straws to create mini circle shapes to make eyes and noses. Arrange mini circle shapes on each part to create Doraemon faces. Bring to grill at 180 celsius in 8 – 10 minutes.
Cookies Recipe (Banh Quy)
- Making chocolate syrup: Mix chocolate and whipping cream on bowl and put into microwave in 30 seconds, and take out and mix well. Then, put into microwave again in 30 minutes to make sure chocolate is melted completely. Wait to reduce heat, add more oil and stir well. Pour into nylon bag to draw mouths and beards for Doraemon faces.
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