Dorayaki Cakes in Vietnamese Style

Today we will change flavor a little bit by creating Dorayaki Cakes in Vietnamese Style (Bánh Dorayaki hương Việt). 
Dorayaki Cakes in Vietnamese Style (Bánh Dorayaki hương Việt)


- 2 eggs
- Wheat flour: 100gr
- Tapioca flour/ corn starch: 50gr
- Blooming flour: ½ teaspoon
- Honey: 1 tablespoon
- White sugar: 80gr
- Water: 60ml
- Vanilla: ½ teaspoon
- Salt: ½ teaspoon
- For filling: ½ bowl red bean, 60ge white sugar, ½ teaspoon salt.


- Clean red bean, soak into water about 5 – 6 hours. Next, clean them again and bring to cook with water covered the face of beans until they are soft. Turn off the heat. 
Dorayaki Cakes in Vietnamese Style (Bánh Dorayaki hương Việt)
- Pour all beans (in step 1) into grinder machine, add more a little steaming water of red beans to grind easily. When they are smooth, turn off the power.
- Next, pour mixture bean (in step 2) into pan, add more sugar in small heat and fry until water is dry. Turn off the heat. Wait to get cool and put in vegetables drawer of fridge.
- Mix salt, blooming flour, wheat flour and tapioca flour together. Filter them.
- Here is the firststep to create the flavor for one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. Add eggs on big bowl, add more sugar and use chopsticks to stir well.
- Pour slowly honey and oil into mixture (in step 5), stir well and in one way to make sure oil and egg mixture combine together.
- Pour mixture flour (in step 4) into mixture egg (in step 6), stir well.
- Add more water into bowl, stir until this mixture become thick. Add more vanilla. Use nylon bag to cover carefully this mixture in 30 minutes.
- Use nonstick frying pan, heat it.You can add more oil or melted butter on the bottom to make sure cakes will not stick when frying. 
Dorayaki Cakes in Vietnamese Style (Bánh Dorayaki hương Việt)
- Use small heat, scoop one small spoon and pour into pan into circle shape. Next, use medium heat to fry 2 faces of cakes. Continue until all mixture flour is out. Add red bean filling in one side of cake, then use another cake to cover it.
- Hope you feel satisfy with Dorayaki Cakes in Vietnamese Style and do not miss our other stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes next time. 
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