Flan Cake (Banh Flan)

Flan cake comes from many delicious Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. However, to make one soft, flavor and tasty cake, it requires some special tips which we will introduce today. 
Flan Cake (Bánh Flan)


- Fresh milk: 500ml
- Sugar: 150g
- Vanilla starch: 1 teaspoon
- 4 chicken eggs
- 1 slice lime fruit


Flan Cake (Bánh Flan)
 -: Add 100g sugar into pot with a little water, cook until it turns brown yellow and thick with small heat. Turn off the heat immediately and add lime juice into this syrup to create the unique flavor for Flan cake.
Flan Cake (Bánh Flan)
- Pour a little mixture syrup into small patterns when it is still hot because it will hardened really quickly.
Flan Cake (Bánh Flan)
- Add 4 eggs with sugar into clean bowl and stir gently. Try to not create bubbles on top of mixture.
Flan Cake (Bánh Flan)
- Cook fresh milk until it gets 70degree, turn off the heat.  Do not cook milk too long or too hot, your dessert will be spoiled.
Flan Cake (Bánh Flan)
- Pour slowly mixture egg in step 3 into milk, stir gently to not create bubble on top. And add more vanilla starch.
- Pour slowly mixture into small patterns. Cover their faces by silver paper.
Flan Cake (Bánh Flan)
- You can bring to steam or grill is all ok. If you decide grilling these cakes, arrange these small patterns on tray; pour more hot water until it reaches to ½ patterns and then bring to grill at 180 degree in 30 minutes. And if you choose steaming these cakes, you can pour more hot water until it reaches 1/3 patterns and wait about 30 minutes with small heat. Sometimes open the lib to clean the water inside of it.
Flan Cake (Bánh Flan)
- You should add more dark coffee with grinded ice in top before eating Flan Cake. It is awesome. But if you prefer condensed milk with coffee, it is still delicious. 
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