Grilled Moon Cakes

Mid-autumn festival is coming soon, why don’t we together make grilled moon cakes ( bánh trung thu nướng )  at home. Your children will really excited when see these moon cakes.
Grilled Moon Cakes


For cover:

- Wheat flour: 500g
- Sugar syrup: 350ml
- Olive oil: 100g
- 3 yolks
- Peanut oil: 1 teaspoon
- Potassium Carbonated (Nước Tro Tàu): 2 teaspoons – Buy at Vietnamese Markets
- Baking soda: 1/3 teaspoon
Grilled Moon Cakes

For fillings:

- Mung bean: 350g
- Sugar: 250g
- Soft moon cake flour: 50g
- Wheat flour: 30g 
- Olive oil: 200g
- Salty eggs, white wine (rice wine)
- Black bean
- For sugar syrup:
- White sugar: 1kg 
- Cold water: 1 liter
- 2 limes (press and take their water)
- Potassium Carbonated: 2 teaspoons
Grilled Moon Cakes


- Follow Grilled Moon Cakes for making covers for these cakes. Next, separate into small equal balls and press thinly.
Grilled Moon Cakes
- Soak mung bean in 4 hours, clean well again and bring to steam until it is cooked. You should add more water than cooking rice for helping grind it easily. Use wood spoon to grind when it is still hot. Next, add into grinder to grind well and soft.

- Pour into pan, fry with small to medium heat; add more sugar. Depend on your flavor to create one of stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. Fry in 15 – 20 minutes.
Grilled Moon Cakes
-  Add olive oil into mixture in 3 times. Each time you should knead well until it absorbs all oil. You should not step kneading.

- When it does not stick your hands anymore; add more soft moon cake flour, mix well.
Grilled Moon Cakes
- Wait to reduce heat. Separate into small equal balls with one salty yolk in the middle of each ball.

- Add each filling ball on the cover of flour ball in step 1. Cover well into circle shape. Add more 2 small balls on top and press gently to create pig’s ears.
Grilled Moon Cakes
- Roll another small ball and stick on front to create pig’s nose. Stick 2 black beans to create its eyes. And one small long flour to create its tail in back.
Grilled Moon Cakes
- Spread mixture sugar syrup around these cakes and bring to grill at 200 degree in 5 minutes. Next, take them out and spray more water on cakes.
Grilled Moon Cakes

Grilled Moon Cakes

Grilled Moon Cakes
- Stir well yolk eggs and continue to spread around these cakes. Wait for 5 minutes and bring to grill again more 5 – 10 minutes or until their covers turn brown yellow.
After grilled, you should wait for 2 – 3 days, it will be more delicious.
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