Hollow Donut (Banh Tieu)

Hollow Donut (Bánh Tiêu), if you want to know more Vietnam cuisine, you should notice this amazing dessert. 
By using baking powder and sesame, it make a familiar and delicious taste that you cannot forget the first taste you eat them, so simple, but so attractive everyone.
Hollow Donut (Bánh Tiêu)


- Water: 100ml
- Flour: 180g
- Baking powder: ½ teaspoon
- Brown glaze: 1 teaspoon
- Sugar: 2 tablespoons
- Little water and a little vanilla
- 5 tablespoons of cooking oil to fry donut


- Dissolve water + sugar + yeast + baking powder + vanilla. Pour water into the flour using a spoon or chopsticks, mix well, and you will see flour mixture be viscid. If flour is dough or dry, add water or flour on it. Use hands or kneading machines for powder elasticity. Add powder into a bowl, cover and wait baking powder about 1 hour.
Hollow Donut (Bánh Tiêu)
- Powder after hatching will split into small parts. Covered with a little sesame into individual pellets and laminates them.
- Rolling up these powders, then add them in hot cooking oil in a pot or pan to prepare fried donuts. When the oil is hot, add each piece of dough on pan. Turn to low heat and fry donuts until cooked.
Hollow Donut (Bánh Tiêu)
- Donuts slowly enlarged.  When it cooked, take out the basket to drain the oil. Eat hot or cool also delicious.
Hollow Donut (Bánh Tiêu)

Hollow Donut (Bánh Tiêu)

Flour depending on the different brands that water absorb differently. You should keep adding flour if it dough. Roll donuts as thin, it will be hollow filling. Roll donuts as thick, it still have filling, and will be more delicious. Avoid fried donuts in big heat, because donuts will not hatch up and burnt.
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