Lemon Ice-cream (Kem Chanh)

The sour flavor of lemon is combined with whipping cream is really stunning. Enjoy Lemon Ice-cream (Kem Chanh) in hot days is never better.
Lemon Ice-cream (Kem Chanh


-  Whipping cream: 200ml
-  Fresh milk: 200ml
- 2 yolks
- 1 – 2 lime
- White sugar: 60g


- Mix fresh milk + whipping cream together; bring to cook in small heat until it starts boiling.
Lemon Ice-cream (Kem Chanh
- Clean well limes, smooth and get its cover.
Lemon Ice-cream (Kem Chanh
- Next, cut lime in half, use your hands to press and get water from limes.
Lemon Ice-cream (Kem Chanh
- Add yolks into clean bowl, add more sugar and use stirring machine to stir well until its color turns bright yellow and thick.
Lemon Ice-cream (Kem Chanh
- Pour mixture milk in step 1 into mixture yolk in step 4, use spoon to stir well. Then, pour this mixture back to pot and cook with small heat until it becomes thick. Turn off the heat. 
Lemon Ice-cream (Kem Chanh
- Wait until this mixture in step 5 reduce the heat. Add more lime water + its cover into it, stir gently.
Lemon Ice-cream (Kem Chanh
- Pour this mixture into glass bowl, wait to get cold and cover it carefully; put in fridge in 1 – 2 hours. Next, use spoon to stir it well again and put it fridge more 3 – 4 hours.
Lemon Ice-cream (Kem Chanh
- When serving, use spoon to scoop into small cubes, and decorate whatever you want. 
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