Lotus Seeds Sweet Soup

Lotus Seeds Sweet Soup (Chè Hạt Sen) is one of my favor dish from many Vietnamese Dessert Recipes.
Lotus Seeds Sweet Soup (Chè Hạt Sen)


-  Dried or fresh lotus seeds: 300g (You can buy in any Vietnamese Market)
-  Dry or fresh cereal (green rice flakes): 100g
-  Cassava flour: 1/4 cup
-  White sugar: 1/4 cup


- Cleaned dry lotus seeds, if you use fresh lotus cast the center of lotus for clean, boil a pot of boiling water, dry lotus drop into the pot, and boil in low heat. 
Lotus Seeds Sweet Soup (Chè Hạt Sen)
- Dry cereal (green rice flakes) poured into a bowl, spray a little water on it, it will be plastic.
 - Cassava flour poured into the bowl, add a little water, and stir to dissolve cassava flour.
 - Please be careful with this step to make one of stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes like this dish more delicious:
- Lotus seed tunnel until blooming look like flower buds, add sugar on pot, cook in small heat to absorb sugar into lotus seeds.
Lotus Seeds Sweet Soup (Chè Hạt Sen)
- Slowly pour the bowl of cassava flour into the pot, use tablespoon to mix well, boil low heat until baking powder is cooked, if you want use solids or thin you can adjust the amount of flour and water to suit, tasting sugar to suit your taste. Turn off the stove, still stirring hand, sprinkle cereal on it. You can save a little cereal (green rice flakes) to sprinkle on the surface for beauty.
 - Ladle sweet soup on bowl, used hot or cold depending on your preference. But, I suggest you should use it with a little ice.

A sweet soup bowl with lotus fragrance wafting with cereal will attract you in the first time you taste it. Moreover, it is really good for health. The Lotus Seeds can make your health better and stronger. Eating it in hot days is perfect. I bet your friends and family will love it. And if you have children, they absolutely fall in love with this stunning dessert.
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