Milk Egg Cocktail (Cocktail Trung Sua)

Let me suggest one of delicious and easy Vietnamese Dessert Recipes for you guys. It is called Milk Egg Cocktail (Cocktail Trứng Sữa).

The simply combination with milk, eggs, cinnamon and rhum wine will create a fantastic song in your mouth when tasting.
Milk Egg Cocktail (Cocktail Trứng Sữa)


- 4 yolks
- Icing sugar: 40g
- Fresh milk (no sugar): 500ml
- Cinnamon flour: ½ teaspoon
- Vanilla starch: 1 teaspoon
- Rhum wine or any wine you love: 1 teaspoon
- Whipping cream and cherries


- Stir yolks with icing sugar well until sugar is melted and color turn light yellow and soft.
 Milk Egg Cocktail (Cocktail Trứng Sữa)
- Mix fresh milk, cinnamon together, bring to cook until it start boiling. Turn off the heat immediately.
 Milk Egg Cocktail (Cocktail Trứng Sữa)
- Pour mixture in step 2 into mixture in step 1, do not stop stirring when pouring.
 Milk Egg Cocktail (Cocktail Trứng Sữa)
- Bring the mixture in step 3 to cook again with small heat. Stir gently by wood spoon until this mixture becomes thicker and has one layer on top. Do not cook too long, it will be spoiled. Turn off the heat and add vanilla starch, rhum wine into mixture egg, stir well. Wait to reduce heat and put in fridge.
 Milk Egg Cocktail (Cocktail Trứng Sữa)
- Pour this mixture into glasses, add more stirred whipping cream and cherries on top.
 Milk Egg Cocktail (Cocktail Trứng Sữa)
Hope you will have a great season greetings and Good luck for your cooking.
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