Mung Bean Sweet Soup with Vera Aloe

Mung Bean Sweet Soup with Vera Aloe (Chè đậu xanh lô hội) is really fresh and make you feel better. 
Moreover, it is really good for your health and skin. I suggest you should cook and eat it for yourself and family usually.
Mung Bean Sweet Soup with Vera Aloe


- 1 Vera aloe leaf
- Mung Bean (do not have cover): 100 g
- Sugar: 150 g
- 1 Vanilla tube
- Salt: 1 teaspoon


- Wash the Vera aloe leaf. Then, slice Vera alone leaf to small parts. Remove the cover. Next, slice the small parts of Vera aloe to fibre. Add 1 teaspoon of salt into aloe and mix it. Wash the Vera aloe again.
- Wash the mung bean. Wait until it become dry. Add the mung bean into the pan with 500 ml water. Boil the water with medium heat. Remember that, during boiling you must skim the foam. This is important step to create one stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. When, the mung bean is cooked. Add the sugar into saucepan and mix them. Continue boil about 10 minute.
Mung Bean Sweet Soup with Vera Aloe
- Add the Vera aloe into the saucepan. Mix the water slightly. Boil about 5-7 minute. Turn off the heat and add the vanilla into the pan. Mix the water again. Now you can enjoy it.
- Mung Bean Sweet Soup with Vera Aloe is suitable in hot weather. You can maintain it on the fridge to make it more delicious. In addition, both Aloe and green bean is good for your health. 
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