Peanut Sweet Soup (Che Dau Phong)

Trust me, you will not forget Peanut Sweet Soup (Chè Đậu Phộng) flavor from the first tasting time.
The combination of many simple and cheap ingredients for one of Vietnamese Dessert Recipes like this will bring a new fresh air for your family dessert time. Making it for your beloved family and friend is such a great choice to show how much you love and care to them.
Peanut Sweet Soup (che dau phong)


- Mung bean (no cover): ¼ bowl 
- 1 cassava fruit
- Dried white/ colorful tapioca pearl: 1 tablespoon
- Steamed peanut (peeled the cover): 250g
- Dried red tapioca pearl: 2 tablespoons small
- Coconut milk, sugar, salt: 300ml


- Peel off the cover of cassava, soak in cold water for 1 night, then clean again with fresh water in few times and slice into small pieces.
Peanut Sweet Soup (che dau phong)
- Clean mung bean in water few times. Bring to cook with water (1 bowl mung bean + 2 bowls water), cook until it boils, add more ½ teaspoon salt; cook with small heat.
Peanut Sweet Soup (che dau phong)
- Clean tapioca pearl in water few times as well. Soak in hot water in 10 minutes until they are soft, pour into basket and wash immediately with cold water.
Peanut Sweet Soup (che dau phong)
- Boil peanut, peel off the cover of them.
Peanut Sweet Soup (che dau phong)
- After cooked mung bean, add more cassava into pot, cook until they all are soft and add more peanut into. Here is the first step to create one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes from us.
Peanut Sweet Soup (che dau phong)
- Add slowly sugar into pot, taste until it suits to your flavor. Cook with small heat.
Peanut Sweet Soup (che dau phong)
- Sometime, use spoon to stir gently to make sure it will not be stuck on the bottom of pot. Next, add more coconut milk, tapioca pearl, peanut into, stir gently. Cook until tapioca pearl becomes more clear, turn off the heat.
-  You can eat when it is hot or cold is all delicious. After took a nap, I think here is the great dessert to eat!
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