Pomegranate Seeds Sweet Soup

Pomegranate Seeds Sweet Soup ( chè hạt lựu ) which is one of stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes.

This dish is not actually pomegranate seeds from pomegranate, which is just one of Vietnamese dessert recipes, and the pomegranate seeds on this dessert fake pomegranate seeds only.
Pomegranate Seeds Sweet Soup


- Water chestnut (Cu nang)
- Small Pearl Tapioca
- Pure water
- Red color
- White Flour (or cornstarch)
- White sugar
- Coconut milk
- Ice.


- Peeled water chestnut, diced small and soak in cold water. Next, soak pearl tapioca in water about 30 minutes. Then, boil into hot water about 10 minutes. But if you want to buy big pearl tapioca, you have to soak in water about 1 to 2 hours before boiling it. After boiling it, soak in cold water about 1 minute and next, add a little sugar or honey to make it more sweet and tough.
Pomegranate Seeds Sweet Soup
- Fry water chestnut with 2 table spoons sugar about 3 minutes. Add a little bit red color or any color u love on the water just enough to soak the water chestnut. Soak for about 10 minutes for the water chestnut become red. Fill them out to drain.

- (It is important to follow this step carefully, because the good or bad of one of stunning Vietnamese Dessert recipes like this dish depend mostly on this step).

- After dying color for water chestnut, wait to dry and pour into big bowl. Pour white flour on the face of water chestnut and use your hands to cover them. Then, sift it to pour away remaining white flour which is not covered the water chestnut. The boiling process of this is the same way of pearl tapioca.
Pomegranate Seeds Sweet Soup
-: Mix 1 cup water with 1/4 cup sugar and boil it. Next, pour 1/2 cup coconut milk into pot and cook about 5 mintues. 

Finally, you finished one amazing dessert and ready to serve. Add a Pomegranate seed on bowl/cup, add enough coconut milk. It is more delicious when eating with ice.
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