Soaked Lemon with Honey

Lemon is really good for your hurt throat. In winter days, making one hot Soaked Lemon with Honey (Chanh Ngâm Mật Ong) glass is really delicious and warm. 
Soaked Lemon with Honey


3 – 4 yellow lemons (You should use yellow lemon because it is more delicious and not bitter).
One big glass jar to store.


- Clean yellow lemon and slice thinly.
 -: Clean glass jar in hot water. Wait to dry. Add one layer sliced yellow lemons in the bottom of jar and pour ½ tablespoon honey. Continue until your sliced yellow lemon is out.
 - After that, cover the jar and put in fridge in 2 days before using.
- When serving, scoop 2 -3 tablespoons from this mixture into glass, pour 250ml hot water and stir well.
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