Steam Rice Cakes Recipe

Steam Rice Cake (Bánh Bò) is one of best popular street food in Vietnam. However, you can make it at home as well. It is not difficult as you think, trust me.
Steam Rice Cake (Bánh Bò)


- Rice flour: 250 gr
- Wheat flour: 50 gr
- Baking powder: 7gr
- 200ml coconut milk or grated coconut 200gr
- Sugar: 1 cup


- Add 200ml warm water on grated coconut, kneading carefully, then use the sieve to get coconut syrup.
 Steam Rice Cake (Bánh Bò)
- Mixed 250gr rice flour with 50g flour [about half a cup] mixed well.
 Steam Rice Cake (Bánh Bò)
- Add baking powder into the flour mixture has mixed, mix 1 cup warm water on it. Do not use too hot water, because baking powder will not hatch up.
- Stuffing both hands until the flour mixture become a sticky mass.
- Put coconut water pot on the stove, cooked with sugar and then take them out to make cool, add little flour mixed with water to make the mixture viscosity.
- Add coconut syrup on mixture, and then incubated by a cover for an hour.
- Mobilization of small cups, small cups to pour the powder to steam. Steam for about 10 -15 minutes.
 Steam Rice Cake (Bánh Bò)

Steam Rice Cake (Bánh Bò)
- Steam Rice Cake (Banh Bo) usually have many colors, you can add pineapple leaves to have soft green color. If you like to eat more grease, you can add more coconut syrup and sugar with a little rice flour. Sprinkle with sesame seeds, and you can use with Hollow Donuts if you like.
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