Steamed Layer Cakes

Today I will introduce to you one of stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. It's Steamed Layer Cake (Bánh Da Lợn). 
Steamed Layer Cake (Bánh Da Lợn)


- Tapioca flour: 200gr
- Rice flour: 50gr
- Pandan leaf: 50g (do not choose older leaves, they  will be bitter)
- Sugar: 200gr
- Coconut grated: 500gr
- Green Beans: 100gr (Mung Bean)
- Salt: 1/3 teaspoon.


- First of all, I want to say that this step is so important to make one of stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes more delicious. Please be careful.
- Pandan leaves washed and chopped in small +Add 150g water in the blender to get 150g pandan leaf juice. 
Steamed Layer Cake (Bánh Da Lợn)
- Green Beans soak 3 hours, rinsed, mixed with 1/3 teaspoon salt on the pot, and filled water on beans
- Beans cooked, still hot, mix in 100g sugar into a blender
- 500g Grated coconut + 300g warm water squeezed to get 350g coconut milk

 Making green layer

- 200g flour + 100g sugar + 150g pandan leaf water+ 150g coconut syrup mix with pandan through the sieve

Making yellow layer

- 50g rice flour + 200g coconut milk and mix through the sieve add green bean puree and mix well
- Prepare boiling water pulse
- Apply oil to put in wooden mould and steaming mold
- Fill 1 layer green for steaming vapors until dry surface, add double yellow part on green layer.
 Steamed Layer Cake (Bánh Da Lợn)
- Continue steaming until the yellow layer dry, then continue to add green layer.
Steamed Layer Cake (Bánh Da Lợn)
- Steam in big  heat, We have 3 layers: green - yellow - green, if poured five thin layers, the color layers will be  thin a little bit.
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