Sweet Caramel Candy

(Kẹo Caramel Ngọt) - Today, I will introduce one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes for you guys. It is called Sweet Caramel Candy
Moreover, with this candy, it can become a cute gift for your frends. How sweet it is, right?
Sweet Caramel Candy - (Kẹo Caramel Ngọt)


- Fresh milk cream: 200gr
- Butter (no salt): 60gr
- Salt: ½ teaspoon
- White sugar: 270gr
- Corn syrup: 60ml 
- Water: 60ml
- 1 vanilla tube
- Mould, unsticked paper.


- Add unsticked paper on the bottom of mould. If you do not have it, you can spread a little melted butter.
Sweet Caramel Candy - (Kẹo Caramel Ngọt)
- Pour fresh milk cream + melted butter + salt into small pot and cook with small heat until it boils. Turn off the heat, mix well and use the lid to cover and keep warm.
- Pour 1 tablespoon corn syrup into small bowl.
- Add sugar + corn syrup + water into another pot, use wood spoon to mix well.
- Put that pot into cooking stove, use medium heat and cook to boil. To create one of amazingVietnamese Dessert Recipes, you should not use spoon or anything to stir this mixture.
- When mixture becomes boil, there are many bubbles on face, put thremometer into and follow the boiling process. (140 – 145 degree).
- When mixture (in step 6) turn to yellow color, add mixture of butter (in step 2) into pot. The temporature of mixture now is 110 degree, cook with medium heat until it turns to brown yellow color with temparature of mixture is 125 degree and turn off the heat.
- Wait until all bubbles fade and mixture gets cool, add vanilla and stir well.
- Pour mixture (in step 8) into mould ( in step 1), wait about 7 – 8 hours until candy congeals.
- Use knife to cut into small square shapes.
- Cover it by color candy paper, and store in jar for using. It is not only can use on Christmas Holidays, but also can become a special gift to your beloved family and friends. 
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