Vietnamese Fried Salty Cakes

One of most popular Vietnamese Dessert in winter, Hanoi is Fried salty cakes ( bánh rán mặn ).

After rains, people want to eat one hot fried salty cake with dipping fish sauce. It will make they feel warm and comfortable. You can easily find this dish on Hanoi streets.
 Vietnamese Fried Salty Cakes


* For Skin of Cakes (10 – 20 cakes)

400gr Rice flour + 1/3 tsp salt.
* For Stuffing

- Grinded pork: 200gr
- Vermicelli: 100gr,  soak in cold water about 20 minutes and slice small
- Black funguses: 50gr, soak in cold water about 20 minutes and slice small
- 1 carrot: peel off the cover and slice small
- Dried onion: mince it.
 Vietnamese Fried Salty Cakes


* For Skin of Cakes

- Mix warm water with rice flour + 1/3 tsp salt. Pour water slowly and stir at the same time. Stir until it is smooth.

- Separate mixture about into many small circle. Then press them become thin to add stuffing in central.

* For Stuffing

- Mix Pork + vermicelli + black fungus + carrot and dried onion. Then, marinate with fish sauce + pepper + salt and a little sugar. Wait about 30 minutes to absorb.
 Vietnamese Fried Salty Cakes
- Continue separate each mixture above to small meat balls. Then, add them into flour.

- Boil oil. Then add cakes into pan, fry until its color turn yellow. I suggest you should use medium heat to create one of delicious Vietnamese Dessert Recipes like this dish. If not, it will be burnt.

- Making dipping fish sauce: Mix Fish sauce + sugar + Water + vinegar + chili sauce together. Season to suit your flavor.
 Vietnamese Fried Salty Cakes
- Finally, Fried satly cakes are ready to serve. You can make this dish for picnic days or meeting family.
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