White Beans Sweet Soup

White Beans Sweet Soup Recipe ( Chè đậu trắng ) is known as one of traditional and stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes.

The delicious flavor of white beans, coconut syrup and sticky rice mix together make you strongly remember whether eat once. On the other hand, this sweet soup is also easy to find, on the vendors, hawkers, and several sweet soup restaurants around Ho Chi Minh City.
White Beans Sweet Soup


1 can white beans
-3/4 cup sticky rice
-3 cups water
-2/3 cup sugar
-1 Teaspoon flour
White Beans Sweet Soup


- White beans water rinse. Boiling and then pour through sieve, make it drain.

- Rinse sticky rice; add them into pot with small heat for grain sticky rise well. Add sugar into pot, add white beans, cook a bit more and sugar to absorb beans.
White Beans Sweet Soup
- Taste again, add vanilla, and stir flour with a little water to dissolve, add them into pot, and stir until very thick.

How to do coconut syrup

 Small cans coconut milk + a little salt + sugar + a little rice flour mixed with milk to dissolve well. Put on the stove with medium low heat for boiling, take pot out of stove.

To sum up, you have done an amazing dessert already. Ladle white beans sweet soup into bowl. When you eat, pour coconut syrup on the surface of bowl (if you afraid grease, you don’t need to use coconut syrup, but it is still delicious).
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