Braised Fish with Coke Recipe

(Cá Kho Coca) - Vietnamese Fish Recipes called Braised Fish with Coke. Eating with boiled rice is my usual choice when enjoy with any Vietnamese Dish. 

Vietnamese Fish Recipe - Cá Kho Coca
This dish as well as many other beautiful Vietnamese Cuisine can be eaten with rice when it is still hot. The flavour is very interesting and delicious due to the Coke. 


- 1 long scad fish (300g – 400g)
- 1 can of Coke (300ml)
- Salt, sugar, fish sauce, purple onion, vegetable oil and chillies.


- Wash and clean the fish, cut it. Put them into a tray with a spoon of salt, marinate in 30 minutes.  
Vietnamese Fish Recipe - Cá Kho Coca
- Heat up with a little bit of cooking oil in the pan, add the scad in, stir fry it quickly then take it out on a plate.
- Open the can of Coke. Heat up some cooking oil, fry the purple onions, add the pork meat in and fry for about 3 minutes.
Vietnamese Fish Recipe - Cá Kho Coca
- Add the scad, chillies. Pour some fish sauce, sugar into the stove. Cook with high heat and let it boil for 5 minutes. 
Vietnamese Fish Recipe - Cá Kho Coca
-Pour the Coke into the stove, Coke is poured near the fish surface. Continue boiling without sealing the lid. 
Vietnamese Fish Recipe - Cá Kho Coca
- Because the Coke already has dark colour so you will not need to add any food colouring to braise the fish. Remember when cooking this dish - one of our Vietnamese Fish Recipes – you need to constantly check and adjust the taste. Cook the dish for 15 minutes more until the fish meat is cooked, absorbs all the spices then turn of the heat. 
Vietnamese Fish Recipe - Cá Kho Coca
- When serving Braised Fish with Coke, you need to take the fish on a plate or a small clay pot, sprinkle on top with some slices of chillies. 
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