Vietnamese Sandwich with Chicken

(Bánh mì thịt gà) - You can cook Fried Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce to your healthy breakfast with Vietnamese Sandwich.

Adding more chili, cucumber, tomato, Vietnamese coriander herb is amazing. Let us start cooking one of stunning Vietnamese Sandwich Recipes right now.
Vietnamese Sandwich Recipes - Bánh mì thịt gà


- Fillet chicken meat: 400g T
- Teriyaki sauce: 2 tablespoons
- Garlic, purple onion, salt, sugar, pepper
- Tomatoes, coriander, cucumber (optional)
- Sandwiches.


- Clean chicken meat, slice into medium pieces, mix with teriyaki sauce, minced garlic + purple onion, a little pepper, wait in 2 hours. 
Vietnamese Sandwich Recipes - Bánh mì thịt gà
- Heat the oil, fry minced garlic + purple onion until they are fragrant. Add sliced chicken and fry in 3 – 4 minutes, then cover the pan (you should pour the teriyaki sauce into pan as well). You also can season more salt, sugar and taste again to suit your flavor.
Vietnamese Sandwich Recipes - Bánh mì thịt gà
- Heat with small heat in 25 – 30 minutes until the meat is soft and have a brown collow like you want. Turn off the heat.
Vietnamese Sandwich Recipes - Bánh mì thịt gà
- Make sure your sandwich is still hot and crispy. Slice tomato, cucumber, and put into sandwich. You can spread a little pate or mayonaise first. Then add fried chicken in teriyaki sauce into sandwich with a little coriander herb, chili/ chili sauce and yum oyum.
- Finally, you finished Vietnamese Sandwich with Chicken Recipes !
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