Char Siew Dumplings

(Bánh Bao Xá Xíu) - Char Siew Dumplings. The soft cover combines with the tasty filling will great a spectacular flavor in your mouth. It is not only delicious but also healthy. 
Vietnamese Food - Bánh Bao Xá Xíu


* For cover:

- 200gr wheat flour
- 2 tablespoons white sugar
- 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
- ½ teaspoon bread yeast
- ½ teaspoon salt
- ½ teaspoon blooming flour
- 120ml fresh milk

* For filling

- 400gr pork meat (cushion part)
- Garlic
- Oyster oil
- Soya sauce
- Salt, sugar, pepper.
- Multi flavor flour (Ngũ Vị Hương) – Buy at Vietnamese Markets
- Red food color
- 1 -2 Cucumber.


- Wash the cushion port with light salty water, let it dry naturally. Add ½ spoon of five-spice powder. 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, 1 spoon of sugar, 1 spoon of oyster oil, ½ spoon of salt and some drops of red food colouring. Use your hand to mix them up, rub them on the surface of the meat and marinate overnight.
 Vietnamese Food - Bánh Bao Xá Xíu
- The next day, you need to heat up some cooking oil, stir fry the garlic, add the pork into the pan, stir fry it, then pour in a little bit of water, seal the lid until you can use the chopsticks stick into the pork and see that it is soften & cooked while the sauce is condensed. Turn off the heat, take the pork out to a plate, and slice it.
Vietnamese Food - Bánh Bao Xá Xíu
- Mix sugar, salt, baking powder, flour into a clean tray. 
Vietnamese Food - Bánh Bao Xá Xíu
- Warm up the fresh milk at 50oC, or let the fresh milk into the microwave in 30 seconds, then use a spoon to sprinkle the instant yeast on the milk’s surface, let it there for 10 minutes. 
Vietnamese Food - Bánh Bao Xá Xíu
- Mix the mixture, use a tablespoon to stir them all. 
Vietnamese Food - Bánh Bao Xá Xíu
- Until the powder mixture is shaped into one shape, put it out on a tray or a cutting board, knead in 5 -10 minutes, add cooking oil and continue kneading for extra 3 minutes. Use another clean tray, rub cooking oil in the tray, add the powder shape in and incubate from 50 minutes to 1 hour, depend on the weather condition. 
Vietnamese Food - Bánh Bao Xá Xíu
- After the powder shape becomes bigger, you divide it into 8 smaller pieces. Use your hand to punch those pieces to remove the air. 
Vietnamese Food - Bánh Bao Xá Xíu
- Use rolling dough, press on the powder balls and make it long. 
Vietnamese Food - Bánh Bao Xá Xíu
- Use clean chopsticks, spread a little bit of cooking oil on it, and put it in the middle of powder pieces in step 7. Fold it in half, gently remove the chopsticks. Continue doing this for the remaining powder pieces. 
Vietnamese Food - Bánh Bao Xá Xíu
- Put those dumplings into a tray, incubate in 30 minutes, when incubating it, you need to remember to use a thin towel cover the powder’s surface. 
Vietnamese Food - Bánh Bao Xá Xíu 
- Boil the water in the steamer, add the dumplings in one by one, steam it from 8 – 10 minutes, sometimes you need to clean the water on the lid. When the dumplings are cooked, take it out on a plate and continue until you finish the rest. 
Vietnamese Food - Bánh Bao Xá Xíu
- Wash the cucumber, remove the inner, and slice it.
Vietnamese Food - Bánh Bao Xá Xíu
- To sum up, you can serve the dumplings with a piece of pork and a slice of cucumber in the middle. If it tastes a little bit pale, then you can pour the meat sauce in or some soy sauce when eating Char Siew Dumplings. 
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