Chinese Sticks

(Quẩy) - Chinese Sticks is not difficult to create. Serving with congee is our favorite choice, especially in cold days.
(Quẩy) - Chinese Sticks


- Whole wheat flour: 500g 
- Salt: 5g 
- Sugar: 10g 
- Water: 250ml 
- Baking soda: 5g 
- Ammonia powder: 5g 
- Water: 100ml  (to mix baking soda and ammonia powder together).


- Mix whole wheat flour with salt, sugar together in one clean bowl. 
(Quẩy) - Chinese Sticks
- Mix 5g ammonia powder with 50ml water. Mix 5g baking soda with 50ml water left. Then pour one by one into mixture whole wheat flour. Use wood spoon to stir gently. Next, pour slowly 250ml water into this mixture. Do not stop stirring when pouring. Knead well until this flour become smooth like photo below. 
(Quẩy) - Chinese Sticks
- Use nylon food bag to cover it carefully, wait in 30 minutes and then continue kneading in 4 – 5 minutes. Cover again in 45 – 60 minutes. 
(Quẩy) - Chinese Sticks
- Separate flour mixture in step 3 into 2 equal parts. Use wood pestle to roll into thin layer with length about 10 – 12 cm and thickness about 1,2 – 1,5 cm. Wait more 10 minutes. 
(Quẩy) - Chinese Sticks
- Repeat process and then use knife to cut them into long pieces. 
(Quẩy) - Chinese Sticks
- Use big chopstick (soaked into cold water) to press 4 long lines around flour stick. Repeat until you finish all flour sticks. 
(Quẩy) - Chinese Sticks
- Heat the pan (use small heat), add oil into pan (make sure it will cover all flour sticks). Then, add sticks and fry until they turn brown yellow and bloom doubly. 
(Quẩy) - Chinese Sticks
- After that, put them on plate added paper napkin to absorb wasted oil. 
(Quẩy) - Chinese Sticks
- Finally, you can bring these Chinese Sticks to serve with congee or even with Phở noodles. 
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