Coconut Meat Jam (Mut Dua)

(Mứt Dừa) - Coconut Meat Jam is the great combination between coconut meat, sugar and milk. Tet Holiday is coming soon in Asia. In Vietnam, we usually eat many kinds of jams in these days. 
Coconut Meat Jam - Mứt Dừa


- 2 – 3 coconut fruits (not too old, not too young)
- White sugar: 500gr
- l fresh milk (no sugar): 250m
- Vanilla.: 1 teaspoon


- Separate cover of coconut with meat. Use the knife to rake the brown layer around coconut meat until they are white.
Coconut Meat Jam - Mứt Dừa
- Clean coconut meat again carefully. Wait to dry.
Coconut Meat Jam - Mứt Dừa
- Use knife to cut around the coconut meat to create long pieces. You can have 1kg sliced coconut meat after that.
Coconut Meat Jam - Mứt Dừa
- Soak coconut meat into cold water in 7 – 8 hours. Then clean again with cold water and wait to dry.
Coconut Meat Jam (Mứt Dừa)
- Pour sliced coconut meat into bowl, add sugar and use chopsticks to mix well. Wait in 10 – 12 hours.
Coconut Meat Jam - Mứt Dừa
- Put coconut meat into big pot or pan, add more fresh milk and cook with small heat. About 15 – 20 minutes, use chopsticks to stir well.
Coconut Meat Jam - Mứt Dừa
- Continue cooking with small heat in 45 – 60 minutes until cococnut meat is dried. They also turn into yellow colour.
Coconut Meat Jam - Mứt Dừa
- Wait coconut meat to get cold, pour into big basket, spread well and wait 1 day before serving.
- You can store into jar and use day by day. The sweetness from sugar, coconut meat and milk combine together will bring a stunning flavor in your mouth. 
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