Corn Sweet Soup (Che Ngo)

(Chè ngô) - Corn sweet soup is one of our stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. It is an easy recipe, hence, with just a few steps of instruction below.
Corn sweet soup - Chè ngô


- 2 – 3 ears of corn
- Kudzu powder: 1 small bowl
- Sugar: 50g
- Coconut milk: 100ml
- Sugar: 1 spoon
- Salt: ½ spoon
- Corn powder: 1 spoon


- Peel of the corn and keep the core for later. 
Corn sweet soup - Chè ngô
-: Pour 2 bowl of water into the stove, add the corn core & corn grains to boil. Cook it until the corn grains is softening, pick up the corn core out.
Corn sweet soup - Chè ngô
- Add cold water into kudzu powder, mix it up. Slowly pour the mixture into the sweet soup, stir it till the kudzu powder become more like crystal. Turn off the heat.
Corn sweet soup - Chè ngô
- Pour the coconut milk, salt, sugar & corn powder into the sweet soup. Cook with small heat, continue stirring it until the coconut milk looks gelatinous. 
Corn sweet soup - Chè ngô
- Corn Sweet Soup (Chè Ngô) can be served both in hot or cool condition. It both tastes great!
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