Crispy Tilapia Fish Recipe (Cá Rô Chiên Giòn)

One of my favorite Vietnamese Fish Recipes these days is Crispy Tilapia Fish (Cá Rô Chiên Giòn). Serving with special dipping fish sauce and steamed rice is the best. You cannot deny its flavor from the first time. It is not only crispy outside, but also is sweet inside.

These fishes are usually lived in rivers so their meat is not harmful for who is easily get food allergy from seafood. So, are you ready to cook one of stunning Vietnamese Fish Recipes like this with me? You maybe know that fish meat is the best choice for anyone who want getting diet.


- 1 kg tilapia fish (cleaned well)
- Spices: garlic, chilies, coriander leaves, olive oil, fish sauce, sugar

Crispy Tilapia Fish Recipe (Cá Rô Chiên Giòn)
Crispy Tilapia Fish Recipe


- After clean well tilapia fish, cut gently some lines on its body to absorb spices easily and fry quickly. Wait to get dry.

- Heat the oil (make sure it will cover all fish body when frying). Here is also the most important step to create one of amazing Vietnamese Fish Recipes; that is why you should not neglect when frying. When oil is hot, put fish in pan.

- After one side of fish turn yellow, change to another side. In my cooking experiences, you should fry twice to keep its crispy longer. After first frying, put on plate added paper napkin to absorb wasted oil; wait for 15 minutes and bring to fry again with new oil until its skin turns brown yellow.

- Making dipping fish sauce: Mix 3 tablespoons fish sauce, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon minced garlic + chili, stir well. Or you can follow the process for making sauce in last post if you want to maintain in for many days after.

Finally, you can serve this dish for all members in family meal. Present with cucumber, tomatoes or any vegetables you want and put a little coriander leaves on top. Hope you will satisfy with one of amazing Vietnamese Fish Recipes like this. Have a great weekend and good luck for your cooking.
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