Duck Porridge (Chao vit)

(Cháo vịt) - Vietnamese Duck Porridge made with a duck based broth and rice. The broth can be making from chicken and pork.
(Cháo vịt) - Vietnamese Duck Porridge
A handful of bean sprouts to the porridge, squeezed a few drops of lime juice, and topped it with pepper, a few pieces of red chili and green onions.


- One 5-lb duck
- Water: 10 cups
- Salt: 1 spoon
- 1 bulb of ginger, sliced
- Cooked rice: 2 cups 
- Fish sauce: 2-3 spoons 
- Chinese donuts
- Pepper to taste
- Bean sprouts
- Lime wedges, red chili, cilantro, and onions for garnish
- Fish sauce with ginger for the duck


- Place the whole duck in the pot filled with 10 cups of water. Bring the pot to a boil and let simmer on medium heat for 45 minutes. Add the salt and ginger.  
(Cháo vịt) - Vietnamese Duck Porridge
- Cook the porridge
- Remove the duck from the broth and strain.
(Cháo vịt) - Vietnamese Duck Porridge
-While you are waiting for the porridge to finish cooking, chop the duck into small pieces.
- Garnish with green onions, cilantro, pepper, and red chilies. Prepare the fish sauce, and add ginger for your liking. 
(Cháo vịt) - Vietnamese Duck Porridge
- Vietnamese Duck Porridge is better to eat with Chinese donuts and gingers.
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