Eel Vermicelli Recipe (Mien Luon)

(Miến Lươn) - Ell Vermicelli is really delicious. The first time I ate this dish is in my cousin home. I did not like eel, but when eating it, its flavor was so amazing. From that time, I can not forget its flavor.
Eel Vermicelli Recipe (Miến Lươn)


- 500gr bone tube
- ½ sliced onion
- 1 Carrot
- 1 Ginger
- Coriander
- Pepper powder
- 2 Eel (about 300g)
- 300gr Vermicelli
- 3 Scallions
- Sliced Laksa leaves
- 6 Teaspoons of seasoning
- 2 Tablespoons of dried shallot
- ½ Bowl of corn-starch


- Wash the eel. Julienne slices the eel. Separate the bone of eel with meat of eel. Marinate the meat of eel with 1 teaspoon of pepper powder, corn-starch. Next, dry the sliced meat of eel until become brittle.  
Eel Vermicelli Recipe (Miến Lươn)
- Wash the bone tube. Slice the carrot to circle shape pieces. Slice the ginger. Add the bone tube, water, sliced onion, sliced carrot, sliced laksa leaves, sliced ginger, bone of eel and pepper powder into a pot. Boil the water to get the broth. Add the seasoning into the pot. Add how much seasoning is based on your taste. 
Eel Vermicelli Recipe (Miến Lươn)
- Shortly slice the vermicelli. Soak the vermicelli into the boiling water. When the vermicelli become cooked, brings the vermicelli out and put it into a bowl. Organize the dried meat of eel, sliced onion, sliced scallions and sliced coriander on the top. Add the broth to the bowl.  
Eel Vermicelli Recipe (Miến Lươn)
- Finally, Eel Vermicelli dish is ready to serve. Moreover,the meat of eel is really good for your health.
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