Fish Paste Hotpot

(Lẩu mắm) - Fish Paste Hotpot is one of popular Vietnamese Dish Recipes in South Area. You only eat once time and you will never cannot its flavor. 
(Lẩu mắm) - Fish Paste Hotpot
The best combination between seafood and vegetable will bring an amazing flavor in your mouth. Especially in rainy days, enjoy this hotpot with vermicelli can make you feel warmer.


- Moonlight Gourami Fish Paste (Mam Ca Sac): 300 gr, (You can buy at Vietnamese Markets)
- Pig bone: 800gr
- Sliced half lean half fat (pig meat): 500 gr
- Silver cobber fish, clean and cut half: 500 gr
- Fresh Squid: 500 gr, rub salt around squids, clean and slice into shape (4x5cm).
- Shrimp: 300 gr, clean and do not peel off the cover.
- 2 eggplants, clean, slice small (3cm)
- 3 bowls of okra and cowpea, clean and slice small (3cm)
- 1 bowl of coconut juice
- 3 cloves of lemongrass, smashed
- 1 tbsp minced lemongrass
- 2 tbsp minced garlic
- 3 chili
- 3 cloves of spring onion
- 2kg fresh vermicelli
- Olive oil, salt, sugar, fish sauce, pepper
- Vegetable: shaved ong choy, banana flower, water momosa, knotgrass, bean sprout, scallion, ½ sliced pineapple, basil, hearleaf, lettuce.


- Making broth is the most important step to create amazing dish from many delicious Vietnamese Dish Recipes. Clean pig bone, put into cold water and boil it with medium heat. When it boils, use spoon to scoop dirty foam on the face of broth. Next, add a little salt and reduce the heat, simmer about 2 to 3 hours. Then, sift broth and throw pig bone away of broth.
(Lẩu mắm) - Fish Paste Hotpot
- Use another pot, pour 2 liters water and boil, then add fish paste into water, boil with small heat about 30 to 45 minutes. Next, sift this broth to throw away small fish bone. Add more smashed lemongrass, coconut juice, and cook more 30 minutes.
(Lẩu mắm) - Fish Paste Hotpot
- Pour oil into pan and fry garlic, shallot, and minced lemongrass until its color turn brown yellow and its yummy flavor spread out. Then, add more halt lean half fat, fish sauce, sugar and pepper into pan.
(Lẩu mắm) - Fish Paste Hotpot
- Mix 2 broth of step 1 + 2 together, boil again, season again to suit your flavor.
(Lẩu mắm) - Fish Paste Hotpot
- You just finished the basic steps to create Fish Paste Hotpot. Put all fish and shrimp into broth. Remember do not turn off the heat; you should use small heat to keep broth always hot. Then, put all vegetable into broth, cook about 2 minutes. 

- When eating Fish Paste Hotpot, use your own chopsticks to get each ingredient into your bowl, scoop a little broth, use with vermicelli, lemon juice and chili. 
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