Fried Sticky Rice (Xoi chien phong)

(Xôi Chiên Phồng) - This Fried Sticky Rice is one of my favourite Vietnamese Cuisine which is normally used with grilled chicken to enhance the flavour. 
This Fried Sticky Rice - Xôi Chiên Phồng
The preparation for the dish is quite easy, just around 30 minutes for preparing and another 30 minutes to process. As the dish can be easily addicted, hence. The beans need to be doused in water for 3 – 6 hours in advance.


- Sticky rice: 300gr 
- Green beans (mung bean): 90gr 
- Sugar: 40gr 
- Cooking oil: 30-50ml
- Coconut milk (as much as you like)


- Green beans (mung bean) & sticky rice need to be doused in water for 4 – 6 hours. In case you do not have much time to prepare then you can use warm water to push up the process.
- Next, Green beans are steamed thoroughly and mashed. Mix sticky rice with green beans. 
This Fried Sticky Rice - Xôi Chiên Phồng

This Fried Sticky Rice - Xôi Chiên Phồng
- Steam the mixture. You can add some coconut milk if you like it to have buttery flavour.
- After steaming the mixture, you spread it on a flat surface; add sugar on top of it. You need to quickly mix the sugar with the green beans & rice.
- Continue to knead the mixture until it attach into each other as shapes. Use your palms to knead it as add some fat into the mixture. Stop kneading when the mixture does not stick on your hands but the surface (about 10 mins).
- Roll the mixture and cut it into small round pieces (0.5 cm of thick).
- Add cooking oil to your pan, wait till you hear the sizzling sound then add the sticky rice pieces in. You will see it sink to the bottom at first but it will float to the surface later when it is cooked and start bloating.
- Use a large spoon to push it back to the bottom. Push it gently at first but increase the intensity later. Do not put too many pieces at once as they will stick together.
This Fried Sticky Rice - Xôi Chiên Phồng
- Cook it till you see its colour turns to something like straw colour.  
This Fried Sticky Rice - Xôi Chiên Phồng
- Fried Sticky Rice is best served when it is just cooked as you can feel the crunchiness. 
Make sure you try it when visiting Vietnam and good luck to your trip !
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