Grapefruit Salad with Shrimp and Pork

(Gỏi bưởi tôm thịt) - Vietnamese Grapefruit Salad with Shrimp and Pork is one stunning salad which has both beautiful colour and good taste. 
Gỏi bưởi tôm thịt
Grapefruit is really good for health. It contains many vitamins which really neccessary for your body.


- Pork: 200gr
- Shrimp: 10 
- Grapefruit: 1 
- Ear pork: 100gr
- Carrot:  ¼
- Laksa leaves: 10gr
- Chilli: 1 
- Roasted peanuts: 10gr
- Chopped Garlic: 5gr 
- Shrimp chips: 20 
- Ginger.

Sweet and sour sauce

- Tablespoon of lemon juice: 1
- Chopped garlic
- Sauce: 60 ml
- Sugar: 60 gr 
- Chopped chilli: 1 
Add lemon juice, sauce, sugar, chopped chilli and chopped garlic into a bowl. Then, mix them together.


- Wash the pork and ear pork. Next, boil them until cooked. Thinly slice the pork and ear pork. Wash the shrimp. Boil the shrimp until cooked. Remove the cover of the shrimp.
Gỏi bưởi tôm thịt
- Remove the cover of carrot, julienne slice the carrot. Wash the laksa leaves. Then slice the laksa leaves to small parts. Julienne slices chilli and ginger. Peels a grapefruit and separate its pulp into segments. Keep both the grapefruit’s meat and cover.
Gỏi bưởi tôm thịt
- Mix the shrimp, pork, ear pork, carrot, laksa leaves, chilli and sweet and sour sauce. Add the mixture into the cover of grapefruit. If you want to make this salad which is one stunning of Vietnamese Salad Recipes become more beautiful, you can design for the cover of grapefruit to make it more beautiful. Organize the roasted peanuts on the top. Now you can enjoy this salad with shrimp chips.
Gỏi bưởi tôm thịt
- You can enjoy Grapefruit Salad with Shrimp and Pork with wine or beer and deep fried shrimp pastes (Banh phong tom). 
Gỏi bưởi tôm thịt
The taste of this salad is very special because Vietnamese Grapefruit Salad with Shrimp and Pork combines the taste of seafood, pork and sour of grapefruit. 
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