Grilled Chopped Shrimp Balls

(Chả Tôm) - Together enjoy Grilled Chopped Shrimp Balls which comes from many delicious Vietnamese Food Culture
(Chả Tôm) - Grilled Chopped Shrimp Balls
Using this food like a main dish for your family meals is also perfect. Moreover, eating with vermicelli and dipping sauce is all a great choice. The sweetness from shrimps and the stunning color from this dish will make you have a good appetite.


- Prawns (medium size): 200g 
- Half lean half fat pork meat: 60g 
- Garlic: 4 brands 
- Fish sauce: 2 tablespoons
- Pepper: ¼ teaspoon 
- Sugar: ¼ teaspoon 
- Vegetable oil.


- Peel off the cover of prawns, pull out the black lines on their backs. Next, spread salt around their skins and clean carefully. Wait to dry. Clean pork meat and slice small. Peel off the cover of garlics then smash well.
(Chả Tôm) - Grilled Chopped Shrimp Balls
- Pour all pork meat + garlic into grinder machine. Grind well. Next, add more prawns and grind until they combine together.
(Chả Tôm) - Grilled Chopped Shrimp Balls
- Marinate this mixture with fish sauce, pepper, sugar and continue to grind until this mixture is soft.
(Chả Tôm) - Grilled Chopped Shrimp Balls
- Separate this mixture into small balls. To create one of amazing Vietnamese Cuisine, I want to give you a small tip. You should use food nylon to cover these balls if you do not fry them immediately.
(Chả Tôm) - Grilled Chopped Shrimp Balls
- Heat the oil (3 – 4 tablespoons), add one by one meat ball in step 4 into pan and fry until their color turn brown yellow. (Fry 4 – 5 minutes for each side).
(Chả Tôm) - Grilled Chopped Shrimp Balls
- Because prawns can cook quickly, so you do not need to fry too long. Put on plate added paper napkin to absorb wasted oil. 
(Chả Tôm) - Grilled Chopped Shrimp Balls
Eating Grilled Chopped Shrimp Balls with boiled rice or vermicelli is all delicious. You can serve with soya sauce or dipping sauce if you want to increase its flavor.
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