Jelly Fish Salad Recipe (Goi Sua)

(Gỏi Sứa) - Jelly Fish Salad. Enjoy last days of summer with one of stunning Vietnamese Cuisine.
Jelly Fish Salad - Gỏi Sứa
You should be careful in this step if you do not want get itching in your throat. Including green mango, this food will create the flavor with a little crunchy, sour and sweet flow from your tongue to your throat and final destination is stomach.


- 300g fresh jelly fish
- Pork meat
- Carrot, cleaned and peeled
- Onion, basil leaves; coriander
- Roasted peanut, smashed
- Deep fried glutinous rice with powdered shrimp (bánh phồng tôm)
- Chili, pepper, vinegar, sugar, spices …


- Clean well its slimy skin, soak into alum water in few hours; next use your hands to press out all water. Then slice small and soak in hot water in few minutes and pour them out on basket. 
Jelly Fish Salad - Gỏi Sứa
- Boil Pork meat until it is cooked, tear small 
Jelly Fish Salad - Gỏi Sứa
- Slice Carrot into long and thin pieces. Peel off the cover of onion, slice fiber. Clean and slice basil leaves small. 
Jelly Fish Salad - Gỏi Sứa
- Making dipping sauce: Mix sugar + salt + pepper + vinegar + fish sauce + sliced chili, stir well and text again to suit your flavor. This sauce is required with a little sweet and sour. 
Jelly Fish Salad - Gỏi Sứa
- Mix jelly fish with pork meat, onion, carrot, basil leaves and coriander together. Add more roasted peanut on top. 
Jelly Fish Salad - Gỏi Sứa
- When eating, pour more sauce and serve Jelly Fish Salad with deep fried glutinous rice cakes. 
Jelly Fish Salad - Gỏi Sứa

Jelly Fish Salad - Gỏi Sứa

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