Khoái Cake

(Bánh Khoái) - Khoái Cakes is one of most Traditional Vietnamese Food in Middle Area. It looks like Bánh Xèo. However, their shapes are smaller and more filling inside. 
(Bánh Khoái) - Khoái Cakes

(Bánh Khoái) - Khoái Cakes


- Rice flour: 400gr
- Beef meat: 200gr
- Grinded pork:200gr
- Fresh shrimps: 300gr
- 5 duck eggs
- Pork liver: 100gr
- Purple onion and garlic: 100gr
- Soya sauce: 200gr
- Roasted peanut: 100gr
- Salad, herbs, cleaned: 300gr
- Bean sprout: 100gr
- 2 green banana fruits
- 2 sour star fruits
- Fish sauce, pepper, salt, sugar, chili powder.


- Mix rice flour with water with proportion 1:6. Stir well. Next, stir eggs with a little salt. Then, mix 2 these mixtures together.
- Clean shrimp. Bring to steam. Then, peel off the cover and pull out the black lines on their backs.
- Marinate sliced beef with pepper, salt and sugar. Wait in 30 minutes.
- Marinate grinded pork with pepper, salt and sugar. Wait in 30 minutes.
- Clean carefully bean sprout. Pick out the roots. Wait to dry.
- Heat the oil. Scoop one spoon and pour into pan. Spread out thinly, wait in 2 – 3 minutes and add more filling: some shrimps, beef, grinded pork and bean sprout. Cover the pan and wait in 3 – 4 mintues. Next, open the lid, fold in half the cake. Do the same process until mixture in step 1 is out. The color of cake after frying has brown yellow and really crispy.
(Bánh Khoái) - Khoái Cakes
- Making dipping sauce:
- Grind roasted peanut and sesame
- Mince well pork liver, marinate with a little pepper and salt.
- Heat the oil, add more minced garlic and purple onion into pan, fry until they are fragrant. Next, add more soya sauce and water into pot with proportion 1:1. Then, pour minced pork liver and season with salt, sugar, fish sauce and a little pepper. Taste to suit your flavor. Then, add more grinded peanut and sesame. Turn off the heat. 
(Bánh Khoái) - Khoái Cakes
- When serving, present with vegetables, sliced star fruit and sliced green banana fruit. Using salad to cover Khoái Cakes with other vegetables is my habit. Eating with dipping sauce in step 7 will bring a strange and interesting flavor in your mouth and I bet you will not stop eating.
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