Mixture Fried Rice

(Cơm Chiên Thập Cẩm) - Mixture Fried Rice  is known as one of Vietnamese Cuisine. From family party to wedding party, most Vietnamese people choose them with many other main dishes. 
Mixture Fried Rice - Cơm Chiên Thập Cẩm
Moreover, with many delicious and cheap ingredients, you can create an amazing dish for your family meal. The combination between vegetables and meat will create a spectacular song for your life.


- 300g boiled rice
- 3 big fresh shrimps
- 50g Chinese sausage
- 2 eggs
- 2 – 3 Jelly ear mushrooms
- 80g mixture: corn seeds, green bean, carrot.
- Spring onion
- Spice: salt, sugar, pepper and soya sauce.
Mixture Fried Rice - Cơm Chiên Thập Cẩm


- Soak jelly ear mushroom into water in 5 – 10 minutes. Cut off the roots and slice small. Clean shrimps, peel off the cover and slice into small cubes. Clean well corn seeds, green bean and carrot. Peel off the cover of carrot and slice into small cubes.
- Stir eggs with a little sliced spring onion. Heat the oil, and pour mixture of egg into pan. 
- Use chopsticks to stir well.
- Next, pour mixture of vegetables + sliced shrimps into pan and fry together.
Mixture Fried Rice - Cơm Chiên Thập Cẩm
-: Season with salt, pepper and stir quickly until shrimps turn red and all vegetables are cooked. Make sure you will not neglect when cooking.
Mixture Fried Rice - Cơm Chiên Thập Cẩm
- Then, add more boiled rice and mix well. In this step, we use small heat to fry.
Mixture Fried Rice - Cơm Chiên Thập Cẩm
- Add more 2 – 3 teaspoons soya sauce and fry more 1 minutes. Turn off the heat. If you want to increase the flavor, you can add 1 – 2 teaspoons sesame oil after turn off the heat.
Mixture Fried Rice - Cơm Chiên Thập Cẩm
- Now, your dish is ready to serve. Decorate with sliced coriander on face of Mixture Fried Rice will help you have a good appetite. If you love spicy, you can add some sliced chili into soya sauce and enjoy.
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