Paddy Crab Paste Vermicelli Soup

(Bún riêu cua) - Paddy crab paste vermicelli soup is a dish have full of water that the broth is charming, and sweet.
Paddy crab paste vermicelli soup - Bún riêu cua
The sweetness of paddy crab paste vermicelli is from pork broth, chicken bones, water, chicken broth in cans but have dried shrimp cooked with shrimp sauce, so if you are not familiar smell of fish sauce afraid to be afraid.


-  1 package dried shrimp
-  ½ lb ground pork
-  ½ lb peeled shrimp
-  3 cans of chicken broth
-  1 can of 14 spices cooked crab vermicelli
-  4 large tomatoes, washed and cut in 4 pieces of each tomato
-  6 eggs
-  3 tubers leeks cut thinly
-  1 teaspoon tamarind powder
-  1 package of vermicelli (the type used to eating bun bo hue)
-  1 bunch of ong choy
-  1 bunch fresh marjoram
-  Oil, fish sauce, pepper, shrimp paste, lemon juice, chili


- Make paddy crab:  Add fresh shrimp peeled  in a blender with 6 eggs + 1 can of spices cooked crab vermicelli + ½ cup water + 1 tablespoon fish sauce ¼ teaspoon pepper, then grind very fine – add pork or chicken into the final, stir them together.
Paddy crab paste vermicelli soup - Bún riêu cua
- Make the broth: Add dried shrimp washed into the pot, cooked fresh water, then add the broth cooked with pork bones or chicken bones to the pot (if you do not have to use 3 cans chicken broth) + 1 tablespoon sauce shrimp 1 tablespoon fish sauce + 1 teaspoon tamarind powder, some salt, and sugar - all boil on the stove. (The amount of water in pot about 16 cups).
Paddy crab paste vermicelli soup - Bún riêu cua
- Add half of the tomatoes on the pot (if you want to eat fried tofu, ​​pork blood, sliced them in this time). Taste again
- Turn to low heat and gently scoop each spoon shrimp, ground meat into the pot.
- Wait for the shrimp and meat floats on the pot like paddy crab, add a little boiling water lightly on the surface, and be careful not to break paddy crab.
- Add 1 tablespoon cooking oil, wait to hot oil, sliced ​​leeks and fried for fragrance – add a half remaining tomatoes to fry with little sauce to be beautiful red.
- Put all the fried tomatoes to the pot to complete, turn off the stove. Remember don’t close the lid because brick cap will sink paddy crab in the end of the pot.
Paddy crab paste vermicelli soup - Bún riêu cua

Paddy crab paste vermicelli soup - Bún riêu cua
- Thread noodles before boiling, should be soaked before 1 hour, then take out on the basket to drain and pour into a pot of boiling water with some of salt + 1 teaspoon oil 1 teaspoon vinegar, pour out and wash with warm water and drain.
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