Roasted shrimp with galangal

(Tôm om riềng) - Today, I will show you an amazing dish, it is Roasted shrimp with galangal
Roasted shrimp with galangal - Tôm om riềng
You can use when Roasted shrimp with galangal is still hot. It can make your cold days become warmer. The flavor from galingale will reduce the fishy smell from scrimps but still keep a delicious smell of dish.


- Sugpo Prawns: 500gr 
- Galingale: 1 bulb
- Garlic, salt, sugar, pepper.


- Clean Sugpo Prawns. Next, you separate their heads and eggs to put another bowl. Vietnamese Dish Recipes usually keep all the parts of shrimps to cook. Chefs does not want to waste any delicious part from scrimps. Then, you marinade their heads with a little salt and sugar. 
Roasted shrimp with galangal - Tôm om riềng
- Peel off the cover body of shrimps. And embalm with a little sugar, salt and pepper.
- Chop the garlic. Peel off the cover of Galingale. You use ½ bulb of Galingale and slice it. Another half, squeeze Galingale to get the first water. 
Roasted shrimp with galangal - Tôm om riềng
- Heat the oil in pan, put garlic and sliced galingale, cook till the flavor spreads out. Next, add more heads and eggs of shrimps into pan. When the color turns red, you put the body of scrimps into the pan, taste it to suit with your flavor. Finally, pour the first water of galingale into the pan, wait to boil and turn off the heat.

- Roasted shrimp with galangal requires to use with hot rice bowl. It will bring an amazing flavor for you and your family in meals.
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