Salad Mackerel Fish Recipe (Salad Ca Ngu)

(Salad Cá Ngừ) - Salad Mackerel Fish not only is delicious, but also can help you lose some weight and control it after that. 
Salad Mackerel Fish - Salad Cá Ngừ


- 200g salad
- 200g mackerel fish can (soaked in oil) – Buy at markets
- 10 baby tomatoes
- 1 tablespoon mayonnaise
- Pepper, salt
- ½ cucumber
- Salty cookie (optional)


- Open the can of mackerel fish, press out all oil. 
Salad Mackerel Fish - Salad Cá Ngừ
- Mix mackerel fish with mayonnaise, a little pepper and ½ teaspoon salt. 
Salad Mackerel Fish - Salad Cá Ngừ
- Clean and slice small salad (3cm).  Clean baby tomatoes and cut in half. Cut off the seeds of cucumber, slice into small cubes. 
Salad Mackerel Fish - Salad Cá Ngừ
- Finally, you basically finished one of Vietnamese Cuisine. For serving, arrange salad into bowl; add more cucumber, baby tomatoes and mackerel fish mixture on face of dish. 
- When eat Salad Mackerel Fish, add a little this mixture on salty cookie and enjoy. 
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