Salad with Octopus Recipe (Nom Bach Tuoc)

(Nộm Bạch Tuộc) - Salad with Octopus. One delicious dish with a litte spicy from chili and crunchy from octopus will bring an amazing flavor in your mouth. 
Salad with Octopus Recipe - Nộm Bạch Tuộc


- 300g octopus
- 1 cucumber
- ¼ onion
- 100g kimchi
- 1 teaspoon Korean chili sauce
- 1 teaspooon chili powder
- Salt, whole wheat flour, roasted sesame, vinegar, sugar


- Clean well octopus, pull out all their organs, mix them with a little whole wheat flour. Use your hands to scrape it well, wait for 5 minutes and clean again with water few times. Next, heat the water (3 – 4 bowls), add octopus into pot and boil them. Do not cook too long if you do not want they become tough. Wait to reduce heat and slice into medium pieces.  
Salad with Octopus Recipe - Nộm Bạch Tuộc
- Clean cucumber, cut off the roots, slice thinly and mix with a little salt, wait for 10 minutes and use hands to press out of water. Peel off the cover of onion, clean and slice thinly, soak into water added some ice cubes in 10 minutes. Next, put on basket and wait to get dry. 
Salad with Octopus Recipe - Nộm Bạch Tuộc
- Mix Korean chili sauce, chili powder, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon vinegar, roasted sesame together. Because chili sauce is salty already, so you do not need to add more salt into this mixture.
Salad with Octopus Recipe - Nộm Bạch Tuộc
- Mix boiled octopus, cucumber, onion into clean bowl, and add more mixture sauce in step 3, use hands to mix them well and gently.
Salad with Octopus Recipe - Nộm Bạch Tuộc
- Serve Salad with Octopus with steamed rice, vermicelli or even breads is awesome. If you love carrot and kimchi, you can add them into the mixture before eating. 
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