Shrimp in Sugar-Cane

(Tôm Bao Mía) - Shrimp in Sugar-Cane comes from many stunning Vietnamese Dish Recipes usually uses Bánh Hỏi (Rice Vermicelli) of Southern people. 
(Tôm Bao Mía) - Shrimp in Sugar-Cane
When shrimps cover sugar-cane, the sweetness from them will combine together and create a stunning flavor in your mouth. Serving with sweet and sour sauce is perfect. Sometime, you can eat with boiled rice and fish sauce is still amazing.


- Fresh shrimps: 300gr 
- Sugar-cane: 1 chunk
- Tapioca starch: 2 teaspoons
- Spices: salt, pepper, Maggi’s stuff, vegetable oil, spring onion
- Rice Noodle, fish sauce, garlic.


- Peel off the cover of shrimps, pull out the black line on backs of shrimps. Clean and wait to dry. Next, smash well. Marinate with a little salt, pepper, Maggi’s stuff, 2 teaspoons oil and 2 teaspoons tapioca starch. Mix well and put in fridge about 30 minutes. 
(Tôm Bao Mía) - Shrimp in Sugar-Cane
- Peel off the cover of sugar-cane, chop into short pieces (5 – 6 cm). If you cannot find sugar-cane around your house, you can use lemongrass stick instead for making one of stunning Vietnamese Dish Recipes. 
(Tôm Bao Mía) - Shrimp in Sugar-Cane
- Apply oil on your hands, scoop mixture shrimps and cover around sugar-cane stick. Use hand to press firmly.
- Depend on your flavor, you can fry or grill. If you want to grill, set heat at 170 degree and grill in 20 minutes. Sometime, you can add honey on the face of shrimps. You have to make sure the face of shrimp not much dry.
(Tôm Bao Mía) - Shrimp in Sugar-Cane
- Clean and slice small spring onion. Add a little oil + sliced spring onion and put in microwave in 30 seconds. When shrimps are cooked, spread this mixture around shrimps.
(Tôm Bao Mía) - Shrimp in Sugar-Cane
- Making Sweet and Sour Sauce.
- Finally, Shrimp in Sugar-Cane is ready to serve. Eating with rice noodle and sweet and sour sauce.
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