Steam Glutinous Rice with Corn

(Xôi ngô) - Steam Glutinous Rice with Corn is one of delicious and popular Vietnamese Dish Recipes. Sticky rice and corn is really the best choice for your breakfast.
(Xôi ngô) - Steam Glutinous Rice with Corn


- 10 fresh corns
- 300gr Sticky rice
- ½ dried coconut or 4 tablespoons of cooking oil
- ½ teaspoon of salt
- 1 tablespoon sugar
- Scallions, monosodium glutamate
- 500gr green beans
- Banana leaves (Optional)
- Preparation
- Corn: sliced​​ thinly, cooked.
- Dried coconut: scrape and wring out water (½ cup).
- Scallions: cleaned, and chopped in small pieces.
- Select corn, yellow, swollen, thin cover.


- Fry scallions which are chopped with coconut milk or oil.
(Xôi ngô) - Steam Glutinous Rice with Corn

(Xôi ngô) - Steam Glutinous Rice with Corn
- Green Beans: add beans in pot. Boil until the beans blooming well. Remove the beans from the pot or crushed when the beans are still hot, clutching beans like a ball. Slice beans in thin sharps.
(Xôi ngô) - Steam Glutinous Rice with Corn
- Mix the sticky rice and corn, steam them in pot, steam for 15 minutes until the sticky rice hatch.
- Must careful with this step if you want to cook one of delicious Vietnamese Dish Recipes.
- Add coconut milk into a pot, seasoning salt and grains cook low heat until viscid. Pour slowly coconut sticky rice, stir, and continue steaming coconut water permeability until slightly wedge match.
- Pour coconut milk and oil scallions on corn and rinse it all.
- After 10 minutes, take out corn from stove. 
(Xôi ngô) - Steam Glutinous Rice with Corn
- When served steamed glutinous rice with corn, put sticky rice and corn on the plate, put green bean, sprinkle with sugar, and fried onion on sticky rice and corn. 

If you want to increase its flavor, you should use banana leaves, put in the bottom of dish or bowl first before serving. Good luck with your cooking.
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