Steamed Chopped Fish Recipe (Chả Cá Hấp)

Are you a fan of Vietnamese Fish Recipes? If you are, do not miss Steamed Chopped Fish (Chả Cá Hấp) for your family which I am going to share to you guys today.

Serving with steamed rice and hot soup is my favorite choice. If you choose fresh fish before making one of amazing Vietnamese Fish Recipes like this, you can create a stunning dish for yourself and family meal. Let us start cooking now.


- 400g fillet fish (any fish you love)
- 3 chicken eggs
- 3 spring onion
- 1 ginger

Steamed Chopped Fish Recipe (Chả Cá Hấp)
Steamed Chopped Fish Recipe


- Clean fish; exclude its skin and bones; then slice into small pieces.

- Use only the white part of spring onion and slice ginger

- Separate yolks and white parts of chicken eggs

- Add fish, white parts of chicken eggs, sliced spring onion, sliced ginger, a little salt and grind well. Small tip for making one of amazing Vietnamese Fish Recipes: You should grind white parts of spring onion and sliced ginger first and then add fish later.

- Pour mixture in step 4 into pattern and bring to steam until it cooks.

- Wait for 10 minutes, put it out of pot, add more stirred yolk with a little salt on top and bring to steam more 3 – 4 minutes.

Finally, you just finished Steamed Chopped Fish Recipe (Chả Cá Hấp) for yourself and family. How do you feel? Decorate wish some baby tomatoes and coriander on top will create a beautiful dish for your meal. Hope you satisfy with this recipe and Good Luck for your cooking.
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