Tomato and Egg Soup (Canh Trung)

(Canh Trứng) - Tomato and Egg Soup. Just use eggs and tomatoes, processed in 10 minutes; you have got a warm and tasty bowl of soup. It is really easy to eat, especially it is suitable with both hot and cold weather.
Tomato and Egg Soup - Canh Trứng


- Some big tomatoes
- 1 - 2 eggs
- Scallions
- Some parsley
- Cooking Oil


- Scallions, cilantro picked up the roots, and wash. Tomatoes slice in 4 parts of each tomato. Peel off the cover. 
Tomato and Egg Soup - Canh Trứng
- Add oil in the pan; put the tomatoes on pan to fry until soft and cooked. Poured water pot, boiled water, seasoned to suit your taste. Beat eggs into bowl, defeated. Then both stirring soup, pour eggs slowly into the pot. Egg will spun in many fibers look very nice.
- Although, this step is so simple and easy, but please follow and notice our instructions carefully to make tomato and egg soup more perfect. Drop chopped scallions and parsley on pot.  Ladle soup into bowls, it is delicious when  using hot. 
Tomato and Egg Soup - Canh Trứng
- Serve Tomato and egg soup (Canh Ca Chua voi Trung) when it's hot.
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